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A fundamental shift is underway in online investing - moderate-income investors want to take control of their long-term investments. Fractional share investing in a variety of equities makes this concept a reality.

MyStockFund enables investors to create their own diversified, personal stock fund through monthly purchases of fractional shares of stock, a money market fund, exchange traded funds, and exchange traded bond funds.

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MyStockFund provides a one-stop, co-branded, value-added program for organizations who want to offer a supplemental investment option to their customers, employees, and members.

As our affinity partner, integrating the co-branded MyStockFund service into your e-commerce initiatives reinforces your brand presence, while in turn supporting your constituent acquisition and retention strategies.

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What do rising medical malpractice rates mean for your medical investments?

Medical malpractice rates are rising in the United States, and that could mean big things for any investments you’ve made into the medical field. You should consider the latest facts when moving your investments around this year.

There are several types of companies that are facing a particular risk because of the increase in medical malpractice cases. Doctors are of course the obvious answer. They may be accused of malpractice more often because of the increased number of new treatments that have been introduced in just the last few years.

However, doctors are not the only ones who need to be concerned about rising medical malpractice rates. So do medical manufacturing companies that are designing the treatments and constructing the devices that are used for them. When investing, it may be safer to choose medical device stocks that are based in technologies that have been stable and safe for a longer period of time.

There has also been a notable increase in the amount of law firms advertising their services online and elsewhere. Lawyers may be choosing to emphasize medical malpractice law in their own firms as a result of the increased payout amounts. Certainly, they are targeting patients more directly with advertising for this type of representation. An increase in the amount of medical malpractice suits may mean that there is room for more law firms to operate competitively.

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